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WhisperWatt™ 70

Prime Rating — 56 kW (70 kVA)
Standby Rating — 62 kW (77 kVA)
3-Phase, 60 Hertz, 0.8 PF

Standard Features

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  • DCA70SSI_rdax_200x142Heavy duty, 4-cycle, direct injection, turbo charged, chargeair cooled diesel engine provides
  • Brushless alternator reduces service and maintenance requirements and meets temperature rise standards for Class H insulation
  • Opendeltaalternator design provides virtually unlimited excitation for maximum motor starting
  • Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) provides precise
    • Electronic governor system maintains frequency to ±0.25%.
    • Full load acceptance of stand by name plate rating in one step(NFPA 110, para
    • Sound attenuated, weather resistant, steel housing provides operation at 65 dB(A) at 23 Fully lockable enclosure allows safe unattended operation.
    • Internal fuel tank with direct reading fuel
    • E-coat and powder coat paint provide durability and weather
    • Digital engine gauges including oil pressure, water temperature, battery volts, engine speed, and fuel
    • Analog generator instrumentation including AC ammeter, AC voltmeter, frequency meter, ammeter phase selector switch, voltmeter phase selector switch, and voltage regulator adjustment

„  ECU835 microprocessor-based digital generator controller.
• Remote 2-wire start/stop control.
• Operational temperature range of -40° to 85° C.
• High visibility LCD display with heated screen and alphanumeric readout.
• Modbus interface for gauge panel and expansion options.
„  Automatic safety shutdown system monitors the water temperature, engine oil pressure, overspeed, and overcrank. Warning lights indicate abnormal conditions.
„  Fully covered power panel. Three-phase terminals and single phase receptacles allow fast and convenient hookup for most applications including temporary power boxes, tools and lighting equipment. All are NEMA standard.
„  Fuel/water separator. Removes condensation from fuel for extended engine life.
„  Simultaneous single and three phase power.
„  EPA emissions certified – Tier 4 Final emissions compliant.
• Engine fitted with DOC and SCR.
„  Spill Containment – Bunded design protects environment by capturing up to128% of engine fluids.